Many organizations use petitions solely to build their email lists and raise money, but they don’t leverage the power of the petition to actually make change happen. Personhood Maryland’s petition strategy is different. We hand-deliver state-level petition signatures in-person, directly to our petition targets. We believe in the power of The People and appreciate your trust

Featured petition: Tell the ALA to stop pushing drag queens on our kids

You’ve probably seen the reports on drag queen story hours popping up at libraries across the country and heard the news about local communities that banded together to shut them down. Perhaps you wondered what was really going on behind the headlines. Personhood Alliance Education’s research has uncovered the real story here.

These events and others—like explicit sex-ed workshops, pornographic book displays, and drag costume tutorials for teens—are part of a much larger, taxpayer-funded partnership between LGBTQ advocacy groups and the American Library Association (ALA). This alliance has been years in the making, and its reach and influence are deeply disturbing. The ALA is even instructing local librarians how to “sneak” the LGBTQ agenda and drag queen story hours into resistant communities. And drag performers have “other lives” that are of great concern in allowing them access to children.

Sign our petition to tell the ALA to stop using taxpayer money and their influence to push a corrupted morality on our children.

The American Library Association is part of an intentional, taxpayer-funded effort to corrupt God-designed sexuality and gender
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